Knowledge is Power in Client-Oriented Therapy!

images-5I worked with a woman this week who was pretty sure she could not be hypnotized. I asked her what she knew about it and she actually knew very little. I realized that she had fears that were not even her own. She did not really understand Hypnosis, only had heard things about it from people that also did not know anything about it

IMG_0154Lack of knowledge or misinformation creates fear.  A powerful pre-talk and rapport  with your client should eliminate that. It is so important to educate your client fully. We worked together that day and she went deep into trance the first time.  Because she had the misinformation corrected, her fear was alleviated and she trusted me. A powerful pre-talk is crucial in serving your client fully. She enrolled in a package of 3 sessions after her first session. Knowledge is power! This is truly client -oriented Therapy.