The journal of Hypnotism, March 2013

I just read a wonderful article by Gerald Kein, DNGH in the March “Journal of Hypnotism,” calling Regression the Hypnosis Paradigm Shift and I totally agree. I received my Hypnosis Certification through Debi Livingston ¬†and this is exactly what we were taught. Regression is a powerful technique and is an incredible tool, especially when you are working with “strong feelings,” unknown to the conscious mind. As he says in his article (Find the Cause and Fix it). It is allowing me to help people achieve rapid and tremendous change.


A potential client told me she could never be hypnotized because she couldn’t give up control.

I told her that she had some basic misperceptions about Hypnosis. There is a vast difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind. When you are using the sub-conscious mind in Hypnosis, you are actually gaining your really own control back, not giving it up!

” You can’t experience true freedom until you give up control”




Developing the Habit

Developing the mind muscle is much like exercising. The more you do it, the more you are developing the habit. It is training or rather retraining your mind. That is why learning to re-inforce your session with self Hypnosis is so important. The more I see people doing this, the more effective is their next session and the more they are able to relax quicker and easier. This is true especially for highly analytical people.