Hypnosis for Help Through Life Transitions

I am a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, and have been practicing for 16+ years. I have worked with men and women from many different walks of life,  including doctors,  artists, opera singers, stressed out mom’s, children having difficulty in school; people wanting to quit smoking, shed unwanted pounds or release negative habit patters of low self confidence and stress. I tripled my income as an advertising executive of a major San Francisco newspaper in one year, using Hypnosis. I was able to quit smoking multiple packs a day for over 20 years in one session. I practice what I teach and preach. This is my passion! I excel at and l now love to help others set and achieve their goals, because it has worked so well for myself! In the last year, I have permanently released over 54 pounds,  changed my body image and strength using Hypnosis and weight training. I chose to be a Hypnotist because I have personally used it for all the above and know that it works!  Hypnosis helps remove the fear out of change and allows us to make changes easily and effortlessly.

I am from Phoenix Arizona where I graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a degree in Education.  I  taught school in Arizona and Illinois. I was also a Flight Attendant for American Airlines for over 12 years  I love to travel, love pets and animals. I was in sales for over 20 years, mainly with major newspapers. My vast life experience allows me to work with people from all walks of life and establish rapport easily.

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My  office is in Berkeley at 2560 9th Street, suite 210A Berkeley ,CA 94701.  I provide expertise to people of all ages: from teenagers to people in their 40’s,  50’s , 60’s and beyond, helping them to achieve their goals. This could be  overcoming learning difficulties in school, changing and manifesting a new level of prosperity consciousness. These are all people wanting to make sincere life changes to take back their power and achieve new goals in life, no matter what the age of the body. Its never too late to make lasting permanent change the easy way: using Hypnosis. I love to work with people willing to make sweeping changes or one small change to enrich their body, mind and soul.

My mission statement:   Helping regular people with everyday problems to change habits for a more fulfilled life.


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