Subconscious always brings up the most relevant topic for you to work on!

I have noticed many times that when a new client says their first priority is weight loss, that from the conscious mind it may be the truth and that yes it is important. However, it could take a bit of time to get there. For most people, overeating or not taking better care of the body’s needs, ( exercise, nutrition, etc) are symptoms of much deeper issues. Often  the habits started quite a while back, especially if the person has a lot of weight to drop. I have found that although I can give the client suggestions in the first few sessions  to eat more healthy and to start moving their bodies, there are usually more crucial points that will come up when I ask them the question from the subconscious mind or in trance, “do you still want to work on dropping weight?”

i am working with a person who has been working with me for a little over 3 months, and we are just now getting to the person owning that body and  sincerely wanting to set goals and keep their word to themselves and make that important comittment to themselves, not for anyone else.  Again, this is client- oriented therapy and listening carefully from the conscious mind and then asking them again in trance ,if that is still the most important issue is important to remember.

Loving oneself or re-learning to focus on that self love we are all born with, while, whatever the reasons can take time and patience for the client. This is why is it important that it is the clients wishes, not the therapists. It is helpful for the client to know also so they can validate themselves for who they are in present time.

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