From Marcia Rayene

Nancy Grundy is a skillful, accomplished, and extremely intuitive hypnotherapist. My sessions with her have gently taken me into deep places offering new channels of insight. She carefully tunes into my own preferences of words and spiritual beliefs to customize each session. I’ve sometimes been surprised by the images that arise when working with her. When I simply allow that experience, it has invariably led me me through a different door to access my inner wisdom. Nancy’s gracious style, broad range of experience, stellar ethics, and mature, practical wisdom continually demonstrate that I’m in good hands. I give her my highest recommendation.


From Deveshi Blue

Nancy Grundy is a master of hypnosis; her approach is warm and friendly and her skill is amazing.
I got off of a life long sugar habit that was ruining my health through her sessions; the cravings are gone and what’s left is a feeling of peace and spaciousness.
I definitely recommend Nancy.

From Sarah Fisher
Blue Lotus Productions
Nancy is amazing hypnotherapist. I had my first hypnotherapy session with her and felt really at ease. She created a safe space to skillfully and compassionately guide me through our session. It was a powerful experience! Afterwards I felt as if I had gone on a 3-day meditation retreat. I will definitely work with Nancy again. If you are looking for someone who helps you overcome blocks to your abundance, Nancy is the perfect person.

From Bethany St. Clair

Nancy is a wonderful hypnotherapist.  From the moment I entered her office, I felt safe and nurtured.  She’s a natural nurturer.  Her voice was soothing yet strong, and she quickly understood and identified my needs and went to work.  The session felt like she’s been doing this work for years and I was so grateful for her professionalism and dedication, both of which honor her talents.  If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, please give Nancy a call.   She’ll always have your best interests at heart and you’ll get solid results”.

From Grace in San Jose

“I had not experienced hypnotherapy before my session with Nancy.  Though I was obviously open to the experience in making the appointment with her, I still had my hesitations about the process.  Nancy walked me through the details beforehand and quickly put me at ease.  Entrusting myself to her care and expertise, I found that hypnotherapy is a wonderful experience that provides amazing support for the personal development work I have been doing through other methods.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Nancy, and I recommend her to anyone who is exploring hypnotherapy as part of their transformation journey.”

Mark Pratt in Fremont

“Nancy has helped me to relax and discover my forgotten quote “Dreams into Reality”.”

Margit S. in East Bay

“Nancy is amazing. Working with her was the most effective step I took in my weight loss journey. She helped me working through some issues and letting go of negative thoughts that were holding me back.  Eating healthy and working out are part of my new life style and with her hypnosis therapy it comes naturally and it’s easy to stay on track.   Nancy is very professional, compassionate and caring. She truly changed my life for the better, and I highly recommend her.”